Fordham and University Heights, Bronx

New York City is facing an affordable housing crisis. In the last fifteen years, the average income for renters has increased by less than 15% while average rents increased by over 40%. As a result, 51% of New Yorkers are rent-burdened, meaning they spend more than 30% of their household income on rent and are forced to forgo basic necessities like food, medicine and utilities. People of color and immigrants in segregated neighborhoods are the most impacted by the housing crisis. 82% of low-income immigrant New Yorkers are rent-burdened, and immigrants also face higher rates of severe overcrowding.


Fordham and University Heights, in the Bronx, are home to the highest rate of poverty in the city at 34%. 65% of the residents of this zip code are rent-burdened, the highest rate in the city. In 2018, 741 evictions were performed by marshals in Fordham and University Heights, the second highest number in NYC. Fordham and University Heights are 69% Latino and 27% Black, and 42% of residents were born outside the United States. 

The lowest rate of rent-burdened residents, at 37%, is found in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. In contrast, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens are 63% White, and just 17% of their residents were born outside the US.

Thanks to the work of activists organizing at both the state and city level to pass stronger legislation to protect tenants, evictions are finally starting to decline in New York. 

Rent Burden

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